City of Windsor, Illinois


Water and Sewer

Windsor Water Department
Windsor Water Department
The Water and Sewer superintendent for the City of Windsor is Rich Reynolds. He may be reached at 217-459-2291 and leave a message.

The Windsor Water Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of City of Windsor's drinking water resources and the distribution system utilized to convey this resource to residents and businesses throughout the town. 

The Windsor Water Department’s mission is to protect the water resources of the town, treat the water to ensure that it is safe and clean, and upgrade and maintain the distribution system. Protection of the water supply resources minimizes the amount of treatment required and, in direct relationship, treatment costs.

Continuous upgrading and maintenance of the distribution

Windsor Sewer Plant
Windsor Sewer Plant
system ensures that an adequate supply of drinking water will be available to consumers now and in the future.

The first priority of the Windsor Water Department is to provide an ample supply of safe, clean drinking water to residents, and businesses, at an affordable price.

Additional goals of the Windsor Water Department are to include keeping abreast of newly promulgated drinking water regulations and technological developments associated with drinking water supplies, treatment methods, distribution systems and essential fire protection. 
Continued education for staff in the field of drinking water prepares us to meet current and future federal and state drinking water mandates and to provide for the future water supply needs of the City of Windsor.