City of Windsor, Illinois


Advisory Boards

The boards below are appointed by the Mayor and serve in an advisory capacity to the Windsor City Council. The boards meet as often as necessary when the need arises.

Zoning Board

Questions about zoning can be directed to Windsor City Hall at 217-459-2291

The Zoning Board shall have the following powers and duties:
  • Advise the city council, other boards and commissions, neighborhood organizations, developers, and the general public regarding policies, standards, and ordinances associated with planning and development matters.
  • Hold public hearings meetings, as appropriate, and make decisions concerning zoning and subdivision variations.
  • Review, comment, and recommend a comprehensive plan for the City including elements for municipal services and facilities, economic development, housing, parks and open space, transportation, urban design, and land use.

Ambulance Board

The Windsor Ambulance Board consists of the following individuals:

Dwayne Miller-Gays
Mike Anderson-Ashgrove Township
Jane Giertz-Strasburg
Albert Shafer-Windsor Township
Terry Kuhl-Windsor

The board shall:

  • Act to coordinate and improve ambulance and related medical transportation services in the Windsor Ambulance District
  • Make budgetary recommendations for the ambulance services.
  • Advise the council and other agencies on improvements to ambulance services.
  • Hold meetings each year with the primary purpose of:
    • Sharing progress and accomplishments from previous year
    • Reviewing and commenting on the projected budget and goals for the new year.