City of Windsor, Illinois


Streets and Alleys

Windsor Street Department Building 1
Windsor Street Department Building 1
The Street's and Alleys superintendent for the City of Windsor is Dean Hite. He may be reached at 217-459-2291 and leave a message.

Responsibilities and Activities

The street department is responsible for the equipment maintenance program, the maintenance of all roads and alleys, the maintenance of municipal buildings, storm drainage programs, and a wide diversity of similar activities.

The city-wide goals of enhanced livability and economic development directly affect the operation of this department. Among the many activities of the street department are:

Windsor Street Department Building 2
Windsor Street Department Building 2
  • Roadway repair
  • Provide support for community events in the form of manpower and equipment
  • Respond to problems with available manpower, recognizing roadway, building repair and maintenance as a higher priority
  • Provide annual grading and repair of gravel roadways
  • Continue with the current crack sealing and resurfacing programs
  • Provide pavement striping and marking
  • Provide street sign installation and repair
  • Clean, repair and replace storm water catch basins, distribution boxes, piping and dry wells

Mission Statement

To protect, maintain and improve the largest single asset owned by the residents of our community: the asphalt, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and storm drains in our community.